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Science, Maths

A graduate aerospace engineer training as an analogue astronaut with the AATC, an ex-Officer Cadet for the Royal Air Force, and currently a student researcher in the Arctic. Among all those, I’m also an experienced tutor who has worked with students of all ages and learning abilities – include students those with SEN.
Having experienced the difficulties of science and maths myself, and having taught the subjects for over 8 years, I can often identify what a student struggles with before they realise it themselves. There is always more than one way to understand something, so I am able to quickly assess each student’s learning styles and difficulties to come up with a method to explain a concept for a student to be able to grasp – where they may not have understood before.
For my younger students, I place an emphasis on questioning and having a deeper understanding of the content beyond the classroom and textbooks. And for my older students studying on exams, I emphasise filling in gaps in their knowledge and exam techniques to maximise their marks. My main philosophy is to encourage to encourage my students to keep making mistakes and learn by trying things a different way or observing something from a different perspective.
Where other teachers would use books and theory to teach, I use experience and understanding to help struggling students in the position I once was, to excel in the subject as I do now.

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