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Online Tuition for Ages 6 to 16

ClassTutor helps connect your child to exceptional tutors for online group sessions that are proven to boost grades and confidence.

How it works

It’s easy to register your child and even easier to access our Portal, which gives you performance and behaviour updates. See how it works here:

Step 1: Book a trial lesson

You can book a lesson and see how our highly-rated online tuition service can help your child reach their goals.

Step 2: We’ll build a personalised plan

Once you’ve tried our FREE lesson, a member of our enrolment team will get in touch to build a personalised plan to boost your child’s grades – all for as little as £12 per lesson (when booked with 2 lessons of a subject per week).

Step 3: Join a weekly class for each subject

Our timetables are specially designed to allow children to attend various subjects for their year group. Check our class times to see how they work with your current commitment.

Step 4: Portal Access to check performance

Our special Portal gives you access on your child’s performance and behaviour, so you can monitor their progress whenever you like.

Step 5: Lesson Recordings made available

Never miss a lesson again by logging in to the Portal and accessing your lesson. Previous lessons are always made available so if you can access them even if you needed to recap.

Group lessons are proven to work

Your child can get more from our online group lessons than 1-to-1 lessons at a more affordable price. Studies show children are more engaged in small class sizes and develop healthy competition with others.

They also maintain direct access to tutors, who monitor their progress every lesson and update a Portal that you can access anytime.

Try a trial lesson

Our no strings attached trial lets you try our highly-rated online tuition service