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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Information

How many free trial lessons are available?

Each child is entitled to one free trial lesson, allowing families to experience our teaching approach before making a commitment.

Do you offer discounts for enrolling in multiple subjects?

Our pricing is designed to provide the best value, with discounts available for booking multiple lessons per week, and scholarships offered to families in financial need.

What if I have multiple children?

Families with multiple children engaged in our courses can access scholarships, recognising the investment in quality education for several children.

How many students are in each group?

We maintain small online class sizes of 10-12 students to ensure personalised attention and an optimal learning environment, based on educational research.

Are the lessons in-person or online?

Our tuition is delivered exclusively online, leveraging technology to provide accessible and interactive education.

Are lessons live or pre-recorded?

Lessons are conducted live and are recorded for later access on our portal, allowing students to review the material at their convenience.

Educational Content and Structure

Is the class schedule flexible?

We offer a flexible timetable and recommend two lessons per subject per week, with alternatives available to accommodate different schedules.

Can I opt for just one lesson per week?

While one lesson per week is available, we advise two for optimal progress, with adaptations for specific subjects like triple science or English GCSE.

How is the curriculum structured for different subjects and year groups?

Our curriculum is interactive and online, focusing on a comprehensive, content-based approach for Maths and Science, and a skills-based approach for English, adaptable across various exam boards.

What exam boards do you follow?

We support a wide range of exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and WJEC, ensuring our teaching aligns with the majority of the curriculum content across these boards.

How is the program tailored to individual needs?

Personalisation is key in our approach, with ongoing support, regular progress reviews, and resources tailored to each student’s learning journey.

Administrative Details

What are the payment methods and terms?

Payments are securely processed online, with flexible subscription options available, and easy cancellation through our website or accounts team.

Can I choose weekend lessons instead of weekdays?

While our standard schedule is fixed, one-to-one tutoring is available for students requiring weekend lessons.

Can students choose their teachers?

Flexibility in teacher selection is available, subject to the specific requirements of the course and availability.

Are the teachers qualified?

Our tutors are UK qualified, experienced, and rigorously vetted to ensure they meet high teaching standards.

Why is weekly more expensive than monthly?

The weekly payment option provides greater flexibility, allowing for easier subscription changes or cancellations, hence the premium price.

How will I receive lesson access details?

Details for accessing lessons, including the timetable and Zoom links, are sent via email and are also available on our portal, ensuring you have all the necessary information for your child’s education.

Try a lesson for FREE

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