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Group Online tutoring

Boost your child’s grades.

Help your child reach their potential with premium online teaching from just £12 p/hour*

Supporting ages 6 to 18.

ClassTutor helps connect your child to exceptional tutors for online group or 1-2-1 sessions that are proven to boost grades and confidence.

Why group lessons?

Group lessons are proven to work

Your child can get more from our online group lessons than 1-to-1 lessons. Studies show children are more engaged in small class sizes and develop healthy competition with others. They also still have direct access to tutors, who monitor progress every single lesson and update our custom built Student Portal that you can access, anytime.

For the children

Why parents choose us

Our online group lessons are all recorded, so your child can always catch up on classes missed or revisit the ones they may need some extra practice on.

Low Price, High Quality

With rates as low as £12/hour, we offer the best value tuition with handpicked teachers from top universities.

Interactive Online Lessons

Classes are highly engaging, with tutors actively engaging students throughout the lesson.

From KS1 to A-Level

We also offer summer classes from July through to September to try out ahead of the the new school year.

Catchup or Playback

Never miss a lesson again! All classes are recorded so you can rewatch them whenever you like.


“I cannot emphasise enough how highly I recommend our ClassTutor!”