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Why ClassTutor

A partnership of teachers to bring the Classroom to the Home

Here’s why choosing ClassTutor sets your children on a path to unparalleled educational success.

Premium Tutors from the best Universities

We take great care in our selection process, choosing tutors for their wealth of experience and knowledge, with many hailing from prestigious universities. Beyond academic achievements, our tutors are passionate educators dedicated to providing personalised and effective tutoring, ensuring each student achieves their full potential.

PGCE Qualified and DBS checked

At ClassTutor, all tutors are selected for their expertise and tutoring experience, ensuring high standards of educational excellence. They undergo continuous peer-led coaching to further enhance their teaching skills. While not all tutors are PGCE qualified, we prioritise their ability to deliver effective and engaging lessons, maintaining a focus on safety and a secure learning environment for students

Tailored Ability Level Classes

ClassTutors offers catchup, standard, and higher ability classes, ensuring students can join peers of similar abilities. This approach allows us to cater to a wide range of student needs, offering something for everyone across the lessons.

Loved by Parents

Parents value the visible learning progress and increased confidence ClassTutor provides, appreciating our convenience, safety and transparent communication. Eliminating pickups and drop-offs, our effective tutoring makes us a top choice for enhancing children’s education.

Why Choose ClassTutor

Opting for ClassTutor offers the convenience of learning from home, tailored to fit each student’s unique needs without the logistical hurdles of physical travel.

Our approach is not merely about bringing the classroom home but about providing bespoke tuition that respects individual learning paths.

By continuing to break down financial barriers to education, ClassTutor maintains its founding mission: to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed, irrespective of external challenges.


“My son isn’t always confident in learning but since he’s been with ClassTutor, his confidence has grown.”