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Premium English Tutors at affordable rates

Favoured by parents for stress-free exam preparation, we offer flexible, no-commitment tutoring with the safety of verified, DBS-checked tutors.

Personalised 1-1 A Level Tuition

At ClassTutor, our 1-1 AS & A Level English tuition is designed for the distinctive educational paths of individual students. This personalised tutoring service extends across all key stages, with a special focus on English for those preparing for AS & A Level exams.

Our custom-tailored approach guarantees that every learner can thrive in their chosen field, providing a depth of understanding and skill development necessary for academic success and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have the answers.

Are the teachers qualified/trained?

All tutors are UK qualified. They are either qualified teachers or experienced tutors who have strong out-of-classroom academic experience in the respective subjects they teach e.g. qualified engineers etc.

We interview all our teachers and only work with those that meet the highest of standards.

Will English lessons be tailored to my child?

Our lessons are live, enabling students to interact with their tutor and actively respond to questions, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment right from the start. This live interaction is foundational to our teaching approach, ensuring that each session is not only informative but also highly interactive and responsive to students’ immediate needs.

Teacher Check-ups: Central to our personalised programme, teachers regularly monitor students’ progress, providing tailored support to align with each learner’s unique journey. This dedicated attention ensures that teaching strategies are effectively adapted to optimise individual learning outcomes.

Reports: To keep parents informed, detailed reports on students’ progress are provided after every lesson through our portal. These reports offer insights into the subjects covered, allowing parents to track academic development and stay connected to their child’s learning process.

Zoom Chat: Utilising Zoom’s chat function during lessons, students have the opportunity to ask and answer questions privately, enhancing their understanding and engagement. This feature allows teachers to closely monitor each student’s grasp of the material, ensuring personalised feedback and support.

By integrating live, interactive sessions with a curriculum that mirrors school syllabi, we focus on areas where students may need additional help, fostering a personalised learning experience. Encouraging direct engagement and questions, our approach aims to make education more accessible and tailored to each student’s needs.

How is English homework given?

Homework serves as a valuable extension of our lessons. After each session, students are assigned tasks to complete. These assignments are then reviewed collectively at the beginning of the following lesson, allowing students to reflect on their work and learn from any mistakes. This collaborative review process has proven to be highly effective in reinforcing learning and understanding.

Will my child have the same tutor every lesson?

At ClassTutor, your child will consistently have the same tutor each week for a personalised learning journey. Should additional support be needed, our team, including other tutors and specialised managers, steps in, fully briefed on your child’s educational needs.

Rest assured, all our staff working with your child are thoroughly trained and have passed DBS checks, ensuring safety and quality education.

Do you follow the same English syllabus that my school does?

Our English program adopts a unique approach by diverging from the traditional sequence of the school curriculum, enhancing students’ retention and comprehension. By presenting material in a different order, we ensure students encounter concepts three times: once at school and twice in our sessions. This repetition significantly boosts memory retention and solidifies their understanding of English concepts.

Request a Topic: Our English program encourages students to shape their learning by requesting topics they find challenging. This personalized approach ensures lessons focus on areas of difficulty, benefiting the entire class by addressing common struggles and enhancing relevance and effectiveness.

National Curriculum and GCSE Exam Boards: While closely following the National Curriculum and accommodating GCSE exam board variations, our curriculum broadens students’ literary exposure through diverse texts. English, seen as a skill built on exposure to varied materials, benefits from this approach. Reading a wide range of books is encouraged to deepen comprehension and analytical skills, preparing students for academic success by treating English as a dynamic skill rather than static knowledge.

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