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Essential 11+ Exam Equipment

Preparing for the 11+ exam is a significant step in a student’s educational journey. Ensuring your child is well-equipped can help alleviate stress and set them up for success. 

This article covers all the essential equipment your child needs for the 11+ exam, complemented by the support ClassTutor provides to enhance their preparation.

The Basics: Stationery and Writing Instruments

  1. Pencils: Stock up on HB pencils, as most 11+ exams require answers written in pencil. Having several pre-sharpened pencils ensures your child won’t waste time sharpening during the exam.
  2. Rubber: A good quality rubber allows for quick corrections, helping keep their work neat and readable, which is crucial under exam conditions.
  3. Pencil Sharpener: Keep a sharpener handy to maintain a sharp pencil point, which is especially important for precision in maths problems and diagrams.
  4. Pens: For parts of the exam that may require ink, such as essay writing, ensure your child has a comfortable pen that flows smoothly. This prevents fatigue and keeps their work legible.
  5. Ruler: A clear plastic ruler is necessary not only for underlining but also for maths questions involving geometry and measurement, ensuring accuracy in their answers.

Maths Specifics

  1. Compass and Protractor: Essential for tackling geometry questions, make sure these tools are familiar to your child to ease their use during the exam.
  2. Calculator: Check if calculators are permitted in the exam; if so, ensure your child is practised and comfortable with the model they will use.

Reading and Revision Aids

  1. Highlighters: Useful for marking important information during revision and, if permitted, to quickly highlight key points during the exam.
  2. Reading Books: Regular reading enhances vocabulary and comprehension, critical for excelling in the English component of the 11+.
  3. Practice Papers: Using practice papers helps familiarize your child with the exam format and question styles, reducing anxiety and improving performance.

Comfort and Health

  1. Water Bottle: Hydration is key to optimal brain function. Check exam regulations and, if allowed, ensure your child has water accessible.
  2. Snacks: Healthy snacks can help maintain energy levels during long study sessions. Opt for non-distracting, easy-to-consume snacks if they are allowed.
  3. Wristwatch: Mastering time management is crucial. A simple analogue watch can help your child keep track of time during the exam, ensuring they allocate their time effectively across all sections.

Support from ClassTutor

At ClassTutor, we believe that optimal preparation for the 11+ goes beyond just having the right equipment, it involves comprehensive support tailored to the unique challenges of the exam. 

Our specialised 11+ tutoring programs cover all key areas: verbal and non-verbal reasoning, mathematics and English. 

Through interactive lessons delivered by our experienced tutors, who are selected from top universities, your child will not only master the material but also build confidence and exam-taking skills.

Properly equipping your child for the 11+ involves much more than just gathering the necessary stationery.

 It’s about comprehensive preparation that boosts confidence and ensures they are fully supported in their learning journey. 

With ClassTutor, your child benefits from high-quality resources and expert guidance, all designed to make their preparation as effective and seamless as possible. Success in the 11+ exam paves the way for entry into prestigious secondary schools, setting the stage for academic achievements and opening doors to future career opportunities. 

Trust ClassTutor to be a part of your child’s path to 11+ success, where their potential can truly unfold.