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Science, Maths, English

I am a highly motivated double-graduate. I graduated from the University of Leeds and hold a full postgraduate certificate of education (PGCE 5-11 years) from Bishop Grosseteste university. I am currently studying for a masters degree at the University of Bologna. I have been involved in teaching for over 6 years, with experience as a lead teacher for 3 years. I have ample experience tutoring from one-one classes to classes of over 40 students. I have taught every curriculum subject multiple times and have been a full time English teacher for over a year.

I am totally and without a doubt confident in my ability to further the attainment and success of any student that is placed in my care. Through my rock-solid subject knowledge and ability to create challenging but engaging sessions for all age groups across multiple settings and even countries. I have complete and utter faith in the fact any student can not only better themselves but also enjoy learning, it is my passion to make that a possibility for any student I am lucky enough to tutor.

I have taught to the standard of many different systems (in differing age groups, schools and even countries) both in the attempt to help students pass exams and to further their knowledge within a chosen subject.

I look forward to every session and mot only teaching to the extremely high standards I hold myself too but also learning from the students and making the experience enjoyable for all!

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