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AS Level Maths Tuition

ClassTutor’s AS Level Maths Tuition offers in-depth support for 16-17 year olds delving into advanced mathematical concepts, preparing them for further education and careers requiring strong maths skills.

Advanced Mathematics

ClassTutor’s AS Level Maths sessions are tailored for 16-17-year-olds, concentrating on advanced mathematical concepts that are pivotal for university readiness and future careers in mathematics-intensive fields.

Preparation for Higher Education

Our programme is strategically designed as a preparatory phase for university, with a strong emphasis on honing students’ analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities, essential for academic and professional success in STEM disciplines.

Independent Learning

Through carefully chosen exercises and projects, we promote independent thinking and robust mathematical reasoning, enabling students to develop a deep understanding of complex mathematical principles.

Foundation for Future Success

Our AS Level Maths curriculum is crafted to not only establish a strong academic foundation but also to equip students with the critical mathematical skills needed for success in higher education and beyond, particularly in mathematically demanding sectors.

Benefits of Group Online Tuition

Enhanced Interaction

Online group tuition encourages active participation and interaction among young learners, fostering social skills and collaborative learning.

Personalised Attention

Even in a group setting, tutors can provide personalised attention, catering to the unique learning needs and pace of each GCSE student.

Flexible Learning Environment

Online group sessions offer a convenient and flexible learning environment, making education accessible from the comfort of home.

Exam Preparation and Practice

At ClassTutor, we focus on exam strategies and practice with past papers to prepare students for academic success.

Curriculum Overview for AS Level Maths

  • Core Mathematical Principles

    In-depth exploration of algebra, calculus, and geometry fundamentals.

  • Statistics and Probability

    Detailed study of data analysis, probability theories, and statistical methods.

  • Mechanics and Modelling

    Investigation of physical laws and mathematical modeling applied to real-world scenarios.

  • Mathematical Applications

    Practical exercises and problem-solving sessions to enhance mathematical reasoning and application skills.

Our Maths Class Times

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