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A Level Physics Tuition

We provide focused AS and A Level Physics Tuition for 16-18 year olds, covering physics topics crucial for university and future scientific careers. 

Foundational AS Level

ClassTutor’s AS Level Physics programme for 16-17-year-olds is designed to introduce students to the core principles of physics, fostering a solid base of knowledge while enhancing their critical thinking and practical research skills through targeted experiments.

Preparation for Advanced Studies

The course is structured to equip students with the necessary skills and understanding to tackle the more complex demands of A Level Physics, with a strong emphasis on developing their analytical thinking and scientific inquiry capabilities.

A Level Curriculum

For students aged 17-18, our A Level Physics programme offers an in-depth exploration of advanced topics, preparing them for higher education and future careers in physics, engineering, and related fields, emphasising critical research and sophisticated analytical skills.

Beyond Academic Achievement

Engaging with A Level Physics at ClassTutor transcends the pursuit of a qualification, aiming to instil significant intellectual growth and practical skills, thereby laying a strong foundation for students’ future success in the scientific and technological arenas.

Curriculum Overview for AS Level Physics

  • Mechanics

    Study of classical mechanics, including kinematics, dynamics, and circular motion.

  • Waves and Optics

    Exploration of wave phenomena, sound, and light.

  • Electricity and Magnetism

    Analysis of electric and magnetic fields, circuits, and electromagnetic waves.

  • Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics

    Introduction to quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.

Curriculum Overview for A Level Physics

  • Advanced Mechanics

    Study of classical mechanics, including advanced topics in kinematics and dynamics.

  • Electromagnetism

    Exploration of electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and circuits.

  • Quantum Mechanics

    Introduction to quantum physics and atomic structure.

  • Practical Physics

    Experimental work to develop data analysis and scientific inquiry skills.

Our Physics Class Times

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