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I am enthusiastic about sharing my passion for life science with students. Excelling in Biology during my academic journey sparked my desire to help others understand the complexities of life on our planet.

With three years of tutoring experience, I tailor my approach to meet individual needs, creating a supportive learning environment for students to excel. Witnessing their growth brings me immense satisfaction, motivating me to continuously improve as an educator. I foster collaboration and open communication in my classroom, valuing every student’s contribution. Emphasizing constant practice, perseverance, and a growth mindset, I empower students to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

My engaging teaching style involves practical applications and real-life examples to make complex concepts accessible. Staying updated with the latest developments in Biology allows me to design relevant lessons, encouraging exploration of cutting-edge knowledge.

Overall, my journey as a Biologist and educator strengthens my dedication to fostering a love for learning among students. I’m excited to inspire the next generation of biologists, instilling a deep appreciation for the wonders of life and the natural world. Through teaching, I hope to cultivate curiosity, respect for nature, and positive contributions to our world.


“Our daughter was tutored in triple science at Class Tutor online in years 8 and 9. This was her first online tution and Talha helped and guide her in using online platform.”