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I am currently immersed in my Economics studies at UCL, a journey that deepens my understanding of economic principles and fuels my passion for sharing this knowledge. As a university student, I also serve as a tutor, finding immense satisfaction in guiding fellow students through the complexities of economic theory and its real-world applications. This experience allows me to work with diverse learners, each with unique learning styles and challenges. Through these interactions, I’ve honed my ability to adapt teaching methods to cater to individual needs, ensuring my guidance is both efficient and impactful.

My pre-university academic journey reflects a dedication to excellence. Acing Maths, Economics, and Further Maths at A-Levels with AAA laid the foundation for my pursuit of higher education in Economics. Reflecting on my GCSEs, I proudly attained A*-C grades across all subjects, clinching an impressive A* in eight of them. These accomplishments testify to my consistent commitment to academic excellence across diverse subject matter.

Education, to me, extends beyond the classroom. It’s about nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and a genuine appreciation for the subject matter. At UCL, I eagerly anticipate refining my tutoring skills and contributing to the academic growth of my peers. I look forward to delving deeper into the intricacies of Economics and sharing this enthusiasm, creating a supportive learning environment for all.


“Our daughter thoroughly enjoys the Maths and English classes she is subscribed to.”