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Maths & Economics

I am completing a Mathematics Undergraduate studying at Imperial College London and have been tutoring various subjects including Mathematics and Economics at A-level & GCSE for almost 3 years. Having taught both 1-1 and class of students, I have learnt to adapt my lessons to meet the demands of my students.

Having Recently studies Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Economics at A-Level achieving A*A*A*, I have up to date knowledge of the curriculum and an understanding of correct methods of learning in order to get the top grades. My aim is to share this to students through interactive lessons which go through everything they need to succeed step by step. This will be done by walking the students through various examples of types of questions which they may come across, explaining step by step how to get to the final answer, followed by numerous exercise and exam questions to cement the content they have been taught.


“I recommend class tutor for all kids who are facing difficulties in their studies.”