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I am a highly motivated Mathematics graduate having achieved a First Class degree at Queen Mary University Of London, as well as an A in A level mathematics. With over 5 years experience as a tutor and having also completed teaching placements in local schools/colleges, I am confident in my ability to assist students in achieving their goals, through interactive and engaging lessons. I am also passionate to raise the confidence and capability of students through my varying lesson plans.

Having taught for several years I am aware of the changes to curriculums in mathematics, hence I structure my lessons around this. I strongly believe any student has the potential to learn mathematics, they just need to be taught in a way that best suits them. I find ways of teaching mathematics from all angles to cater for varying students.

I adapt a very systematic approach in my lessons, where I start off with easier to understand examples and slowly work my way up to tackling the more complex questions per topic, as I believe the best way to master mathematics is through constant practice.


“His teacher was simply excellent and engaging, not just focussed on passing the exams.”