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English, Maths, Science

An energetic and patient tutor with 3 years of experience tutoring Maths, English and Science online. I offer both 1-1 and group lessons and specialise in ages 11+ to GSCE years, having volunteered in schools as well as tutored with online companies.

Having scored 43/45 (4A*s equivalent), in the International Baccalaureate diploma, as well as 9s (A**s) in GSCE, I have a deep understanding of what markers look for and the optimal exam techniques in each subject. I regularly keep up to date with my students’ respective syllabuses, and provide them with resources outside of lessons to allow them to consolidate the content we have covered.

My lessons prioritise engaging the students to encourage active thinking and problem solving, rather than passive memorisation which does not lead to the same increase in ability. Importance is also placed on participation, as this helps to improve not only a child’s academic confidence but social confidence as well.

Overall, my teaching philosophy consists of providing energetic and refreshing methods of learning, while also developing a connection with my students to help them become engaged with learning.

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