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I am currently studying History and Politics at the Institute of the Americas at UCL. In my final year of sixth-form I began working as a private tutor and have now been tutoring students aged 5 to 18 for over three years. From my years of expirience I have developed a broad understanding of the English Language, English Literature, and History curriculums from Key-Stage One to Five, and an in-depth comprehension of the requirements set by Edexcel, AQA and OCR for GCSE and A-Level exams.

During my time at school I had many inspiring teachers, who made lessons accessible and understandable. It’s partly thanks to them that I left school with A-A* grade GCSE and A-Level qualifications, alongside a broad understanding of academia and research which has supported my throughout my studies at University. As a tutor, my expirience during my school years continues to remind me of how important it is to ensure that my teaching not only provides my students with the tools to achieve their potential, but also creates a strong academic base which sets them up for future studies and expiriences.

Every student is different, meaning every lesson is different. Before we begin lessons I’ll talk to you about the subject, to find out which parts you enjoy and which parts you’re struggling with. From this I’ll create a tailored lesson plan which meets your educational needs. For instance, if we’re covering exam technique for English GCSE or A-Level and you struggle with embedding quotes in sentences, I’ll provide an example answer, and then a work-sheet which sets out clear, simple steps to get to that point. If desired, I’ll set a short 30 minute homework which encapsulates what we covered that lesson and encourages you to retain that knowledge.

While I love to teach, a student no longer needing my help is my favourite sign of success. My end goal is to help you improve and to make sure you love learning.


“We’re glad to have used Class Tutor and would highly recommend them.”