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Maths, Business Studies, Economics

I am a graduate of Economics and Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Since graduating in 2013 I have primarily worked in the city as a Management Consultant specialising in Financial Services.

Having tutored privately for nearly 5 years, I have developed my passion for Maths, continually developing my self into an effective and resourceful tutor. I received an A in A-level Maths, and completed statistics focused modules at University. I have worked with students in varying roles over the years, as a mentor and a coach, which has inspired me to push my students to achieving the best possible outcomes.

My teaching strategies are designed to engage various learning abilities. I combine my experience from working in the fast paced City and locally with students in community groups, schools and local initiatives to provide the optimal learning experience. I enjoy seeing students progress and excited to be part of this journey.

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