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Empowering Success: Mahdi’s Remarkable Journey from grade 5s to 7s in one year!

At a pivotal juncture during Year 11, Mahdi joined our classes seeking essential support ahead of his GCSEs. Driven with determination and guided by our dedicated teachers and supportive team, Mahdi’s transformation exemplifies the potency of personalised education.

Mahdi was selected to receive the Read Foundation scholarship, a fund enabling high-quality tuition for those who otherwise could not access it. Mahdi initially secured grades in the range of 5s and 6s prior to joining us, but his aspirations demanded higher – 7s to access the A-level course of his choice.

Upon enrolling with us, his trajectory experienced an astonishing shift. Within a matter of months, his grades surged by two notches. Consistently achieving 7s in our mock exams showcased his remarkable progress.

Today, Mahdi stands triumphant, having secured exceptional 7s across all subjects, including Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English Language. This victory stands as a testament to his commitment and our collaborative efforts.

As he begins his A-levels, Mahdi’s enthusiasm remains undaunted. He’s set to pursue Biology, Chemistry, and Economics, and his journey with ClassTutor continues. With aspirations fixed on a future in biology, he holds a deep interest in research and advanced studies within the subject.

Mahdi’s narrative embodies the essence of growth, personalization, and the transformative power of education.

His story celebrates not only his achievements but also the effectiveness of tailored support in turning dreams into reality.

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