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Inayah’s Inspiring Academic Rise

Inayah embarked on her educational journey at the start of the year, showing a keen interest in mathematics, English, and science. Her dedication to learning earned her the Read Foundation Scholarship, a recognition of her hard work and a boost toward her desired education.

Throughout the year, Inayah’s commitment translated into gradual improvements in her grades. On the day of the result announcement, her hard work bore fruit as she witnessed a remarkable 2-3 grade improvement from her initial scores.

This outcome underscored not only her effort but also the supportive learning environment she embraced.

With this achievement propelling her forward, Inayah is now gearing up to tackle A-levels. She has chosen to pursue Biology, Business, and IT, a testament to her diverse interests and newfound confidence.

Inayah’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of persistence and passion for education. Her story stands as a testament to the potential within each student, and a reminder of the crucial role that determination and educational support play in achieving one’s goals.

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