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Success! Imad’s 4-year Mathematical Journey with ClassTutor

As one of our earliest students, Imad’s educational journey with ClassTutor started in the first weeks of COVID, embarking on a path of growth and achievement that exemplifies the impact of dedicated support.¬†

Following the successful completion of his GCSEs with us, Imad’s thirst for knowledge led him to continue his studies with us, focusing on Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The transition wasn’t without its challenges, as reflected in his initial assessments with grades as low as Es. However, Imad’s unwavering commitment and our collective efforts began to yield remarkable results.

With persistence and hard work, Imad’s dedication translated into a remarkable transformation. ClassTutor’s scholarship scheme supported him through the lessons, helping him take specialised lessons for his specific courses. His grades evolved from the initial Es to an astounding A* in Mathematics and an A in Further Mathematics. This profound improvement is a testament to his determination and the effectiveness of the guidance and resources provided by ClassTutor.

Imad’s journey doesn’t end with his exceptional A-level results. The allure of mathematics has captured his spirit, propelling him toward further academic horizons. Imad’s next chapter will unfold at Birmingham University, where he will delve deeper into his passion by studying mathematics.

Imad’s story encapsulates the essence of growth, resilience, and the power of nurturing potential. His achievements stand as a tribute to the collaborative efforts of Imad, ClassTutor, and the transformative nature of education itself.

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