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A Level English Tuition

ClassTutor’s A Level English Tuition offers in-depth support for 17-18 year olds delving into advanced literary analysis and critical thinking, preparing them for university and careers requiring strong English skills.

Advanced Literary Studies

ClassTutor’s A Level English sessions for 17-18-year-olds focus on advanced literary studies, engaging students in deep textual analysis and enhancing their critical thinking skills, crucial for university readiness and careers that demand high-level English proficiency.

Preparation for Higher Education

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the rigours of university-level English, emphasising the development of sophisticated interpretive skills and a comprehensive understanding of diverse literary works.

Development of Analytical Skills

Through intensive study of literature and structured critical writing projects, we foster students’ ability to think independently and engage in analytical discussion, essential for excelling in English and related disciplines.

Career Readiness

Our A Level English programme aims to be a catalyst for students’ intellectual development, equipping them with the skills necessary for success in English-centric academic fields and professional environments.

Curriculum Overview for AS Level English Language

  • Language Concepts and Issues

    Exploration of how language functions in society, including discourse analysis and language change over time.

  • Language Construction and Analysis

    Study of phonetics, grammar, and pragmatics in constructing meaning, focusing on text analysis and language production.

Curriculum Overview for AS Level English Literature

  • Textual Engagement and Analysis

    In-depth study of prose, poetry, and drama, focusing on thematic exploration and literary devices.

  • Comparative Texts

    Analysis of texts across different periods and cultures, emphasising comparative literary studies and thematic connections.

Curriculum Overview for A Level English Language

  • Advanced Language Study

    Investigation of complex language concepts, including sociolinguistics and stylistics, with emphasis on research and data analysis.

  • Language in Practice

    Practical application of language study in various contexts, including media, technology, and creative writing.

Curriculum Overview for A Level English Literature

  • Literary Periods and Movements

    Comprehensive study of significant literary periods and movements, from classical to contemporary.

  • Critical Perspectives

    Advanced analysis of texts through various critical perspectives, enhancing interpretive skills and understanding of literary theory.

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