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GCSE Maths Tuition

ClassTutor’s GCSE Online Maths Tuition supports 14-16 year olds (Years 10-11) through the critical phase of secondary education, thoroughly preparing them for their GCSE Mathematics exams.

Learning Paths

Our GCSE Maths programme offers separate Foundation and Higher classes, catering to students with different levels of mathematical ability, ensuring personalised learning experiences that match their proficiency and learning goals.

Foundation Classes

The Foundation classes are designed to solidify understanding in essential mathematical concepts, targeting grades 1-5. They provide the necessary reinforcement of fundamental principles, helping students who need additional support to enhance their confidence and mathematical skills.

Higher Classes

For students aiming for grades 6-9, our Higher classes concentrate on more complex mathematical theories and applications, ideal for learners aspiring to achieve top marks in their GCSEs and considering further education in mathematics or related fields.

Educational Experience

By offering dual-track learning options, we ensure a tailored educational journey for each student, enabling them to either build a strong mathematical foundation or tackle advanced challenges, depending on their individual aspirations and needs.

Benefits of Group Online Tuition

Enhanced Interaction

Online group tuition encourages active participation and interaction among young learners, fostering social skills and collaborative learning.

Personalised Attention

Even in a group setting, tutors can provide personalised attention, catering to the unique learning needs and pace of each GCSE student.

Flexible Learning Environment

Online group sessions offer a convenient and flexible learning environment, making education accessible from the comfort of home.

Exam Preparation and Practice

At ClassTutor, we focus on exam strategies and practice with past papers to prepare students for academic success.

Curriculum Overview for GCSE Maths

  • Number

    This includes work on basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportion. Students learn to perform calculations and understand the number system in depth.

  • Algebra

    Students explore expressions, equations, inequalities, sequences, and graphs. They develop skills to solve algebraic problems and understand how algebra is used to represent and solve practical situations.

  • Geometry and Measures

    This area covers properties of shapes, angles, area, volume, and perimeter. Students also study transformations, constructions, and loci, along with the use of vectors.

  • Statistics and Probability

    Students collect, analyse, and interpret data, learning about averages, spread, and representations in various formats. They also study probability, understanding how to calculate and apply it in various contexts.

  • Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of Change

    These concepts are applied in a variety of contexts, including problem-solving and practical situations.

  • Problem Solving and Reasoning

    Throughout the curriculum, there is an emphasis on applying mathematical concepts to solve problems, developing logical reasoning, and thinking critically about data.

  • Functional Mathematics

    This involves applying maths skills in real-life contexts, such as managing money, planning events, or understanding statistical information.

Our Maths Class Times

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