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GCSE Chemistry Tuition

ClassTutor’s GCSE Chemistry Tuition supports 14- 16yea -olds (Years 10-11) through the crucial and detailed phases of their science education, preparing them for their GCSE exams.

ClassTutor’s GCSE Chemistry program for 14-16 year olds (Years 10-11) delves into the complexities of chemical science, enhancing the foundational knowledge for the GCSE curriculum. Our approach deepens understanding of chemical processes, from atomic and molecular studies to chemical reactions and their real-world applications, ensuring thorough preparation for GCSE exams.

The curriculum balances factual knowledge with the development of practical skills through experiments, investigations, and analytical exercises, enabling students to apply chemistry concepts practically. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Chemistry, laying a solid foundation for further scientific studies. We aim to spark a passion for Chemistry, encourage curiosity and foster a critical approach to scientific inquiry.

Curriculum Overview for GCSE Chemistry

  • Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

    Understanding the structure of atoms and the periodic table.

  • Bonding, Structure and Properties of Matter

    Exploring chemical bonding, states of matter, and the properties of substances.

  • Chemical Changes

    Investigating chemical reactions, acids and bases, and electrolysis.

  • Quantitative Chemistry

    Learning about calculations involving masses, volumes, and concentrations.

  • Chemical Analysis

    Understanding methods of chemical analysis, including chromatography and spectroscopy.

  • Chemistry of the Atmosphere

    Exploring the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere and environmental chemistry.

Our Chemistry Class Times

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