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GCSE Physics Tuition

ClassTutor’s GCSE Physics Tuition supports 14-16 year olds (Years 10-11) through the crucial and thorough phases of their science education, readying them for their GCSE exams.

ClassTutor’s GCSE Physics programme for 14-16 year olds (Years 10-11) dives into the core of physics, building on foundational knowledge towards mastering the GCSE curriculum. Our approach enhances understanding of physical principles, covering everything from forces and motion to energy and waves, to ensure students are exam-ready.

The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills through experiments, investigations, and problem-solving, enabling students to apply physics in real-world situations. Our goal is a comprehensive grasp of physics, establishing a foundation for future scientific studies. We aim to ignite a passion for physics, promote curiosity, and develop a meticulous scientific methodology, guiding students towards ongoing learning and discovery in physics.

Curriculum Overview for GCSE Physics

  • Energy

    Studying different forms of energy, energy transfers, and conservation of energy.

  • Electricity

    Exploring electrical circuits, electrical safety, and the generation of electricity.

  • Particle Model of Matter

    Understanding the properties of materials at the particle level.

  • Atomic Structure

    Learning about atomic structure, radiation, and nuclear reactions.

  • Forces

    Investigating forces, motion, and the effects of forces on objects.

  • Waves

    Exploring the properties of waves, including sound and electromagnetic waves.

Our Physics Class Times

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