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Science & Maths

I am currently immersed in the field of Medicine at Exeter, a path fueled by my lifelong passion for education and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. This ardor ultimately steered me towards a career in medicine, where I aim to amalgamate my love for learning with the noble cause of healing.

In tandem with my studies, I’ve actively engaged in tutoring secondary school students. This experience has illuminated the diverse array of learning styles and needs that students possess. Additionally, I’ve dedicated three years to serving as a swimming teacher. Through this role, I’ve honed my ability to adapt teaching methods and communicate complex ideas effectively.

These experiences have underscored the profound impact that tailored instruction and individualized approaches can have on a student’s educational journey. As your tutor, my foremost goal will be to identify the optimal learning methods for you. This will be achieved through a dynamic interplay of interactive lessons and a receptive feedback loop.

I believe that education is a collaborative effort, and I am committed to empowering you to grasp the intricacies of your subjects. Together, we will navigate the academic landscape with diligence, fostering not only knowledge but also a deeper love for learning.


“Very engaging lessons and tutors are patient in explaining.”