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I am a science tutor with over 5 years of tutoring and teaching experience. I hold a Level 5 diploma in Biomedical Sciences and am currently working towards a degree in Dentistry. During my GCSEs, I achieved A-A* grades in all 8 subjects, and at A levels, I attained A*-B grades in all 4 subjects.

My background in science and teaching has endowed me with extensive knowledge of the UK science curriculum. I have had the privilege of working with numerous pupils, including SEND students, which has honed my ability to be an adaptable and reliable educator for all those under my guidance.

As a tutor, I take pleasure in curating and delivering interactive sessions tailored to the abilities of my students. Building a rapport with my students and fostering their love for the sciences is something I find particularly rewarding. My lessons incorporate active recall, in-depth discussions to address any knowledge gaps, and reinforcement through exam questions to enhance exam technique.

Having experienced the challenges of being a student myself, I like to share my best tips and techniques to help my students achieve the best grades possible.


“I’m grateful to the perfect teachers who are teaching him in this group.”