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Maths, Science & Engineering

I currently study engineering at UCL, studying for a master’s in mechanical engineering and have been tutoring at various centres throughout my education. There I learnt how to teach to a range of students with varying abilities and how to manage my students effectively for them to maximise their learning.

For my A-levels, I chose Maths, Further Maths and Physics in which I achieved A*AA respectively. For my GCSE’s I achieved 8 A*-C qualification with an A* in both Maths and Physics.

I am passionate about teaching as it allows me to develop many skills, both in myself as well as within my students. My style of teaching is very interactive meaning that I will guide my students to come up with the answer to their own question by breaking it down into smaller parts. This way, their foundation knowledge is strengthened as they are forced to recall information, making it easier to do so in an exam.


“I will recommend Class Tutor to anyone!”