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I am an English Literature and Language graduate, where I am now training at the UCL Institute of Education for a Secondary English PGCE. Since excelling in English at GCSE, A-Level and degree level, I have an extensive understanding of the subject, being it is what I thoroughly enjoy, whilst taking great delight in teaching students of all age groups.

I have been an English Tutor for six years, working at tuition centres. I led classes with students of different ages and abilities, and have driven students with learning disabilities and unenthusiastic individuals to be encouraged of their academia. By creating this rapport, I adapt my teaching style to benefit the student significantly. I have the most experience in teaching GCSE, therefore I am aware of the expectations needed to exceed and will be proud to help them on their academic journey.

My pedagogical approach always ensues creativity, personality and persistence. My lessons are always structured with a fun engaging activity, followed by a challenging task and a reflection. My in-depth knowledge of the subject allows me to ask inventive questions that will help students understand the text better, creating a stimulating environment. Furthermore, I am an animated individual who enjoys reading dystopian novels, playing tennis and the guitar.


“My son is attending their English and Science classes already half an year and he admires the lessons.”