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Science & Maths

As a highly motivated biomedical science graduate, I have gathered a range of experiences during my studies. With such a diverse curriculum, I have become skilled in many different areas both practically and theoretically. I have been teaching since 2017, and have experience across all exam boards and content for each of the subjects I teach.

I consider myself to be a well-rounded, sociable individual who is driven by the desire to help improve people’s lives. Over the years of tutoring I have managed to perfect myself as well as adapt myself to each individual student. I am able to understand each students educational needs, abilities and attainment potentials. This enables me to create learning strategies and academic target plans tailored to each student to facilitate their learning. The most important aspect when it comes to tutoring is to ensure the student remains engaged thus I have the ability to provide an inclusive and stimulating learning experience.


“My kids love the classes as the tutors actually make it fun.”