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Maths & Economics

Hello, I’m Talha Ghannam, the founder of ClassTutor Online. With over 12 years of experience in tutoring children aged 5 to 18, I have dedicated myself to providing premium online tuition at affordable prices to parents. My journey into education has been deeply personal. School was a breeze until university posed significant challenges for me. I vividly recall a moment when my work was critiqued harshly among hundreds of peers, pushing me to the brink of dropping out. However, discovering a tuition service transformed my academic path, leading me to excel in maths with a 92% exam score. This experience ignited my passion for teaching and paved the way for my career in tutoring, especially in maths, along with other subjects like English and science.

At ClassTutor Online, we don’t just focus on teaching; we ensure students understand the subject matter, enabling them to tackle problems independently. Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s optimal classroom size, we replicate this environment online, fostering interaction between teachers and students uniquely. Our easy sign-up process, personalised timetables, and engaging lessons aim to provide the best educational support for your child. We are so confident in our approach that we offer a free, no-strings-attached lesson for new users. I invite you to book your free lesson on our website and start investing in your child’s future today.

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